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What are Solar Carrier Systems?

What are Solar Carrier Systems?

Solar Irrigation

Solar irrigation is the name given to the solar powered irrigation system. Solar energy irrigation systems are a highly preferred system today. Agricultural irrigation with solar energy is a system that is frequently used today. Since there is no mains electricity in agricultural areas, irrigation is done through fossil-based energies. Irrigation systems made with solar energy draw attention in terms of being economical and long-lasting. Irrigation systems working with solar energy have the feature of working without noise. In addition, it is long-lasting and does not require frequent maintenance. Thanks to solar irrigation, it is possible to obtain much more economical and permanent solutions. With the sun, which is an endless source of energy, great advantages are obtained in irrigation, especially in agriculture. Solar irrigation systems have only one installation cost. There are no additional expenses.

Solar Irrigation Advantages

- It is easy and simple.
- It has a long service life. (25-30 years)
- Maintenance cost is low.
- It is environmentally friendly.
- It works with high efficiency.
- It is easy to install.