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What is Dilatation?

What is Dilatation?

The space created between the structures formed side by side and independent from each other is called dilatation. These are the spaces left in order to prevent damages that may occur due to different expansions and building movements. Profiles attached to these gaps are called dilatation profiles.

Why Use a Dilatation Profile?

Due to its structure, each material expands differently against heat, so the material has its own elongation numerical value. If the materials that need to work together have different elongation values, dilatation joint rules must be applied between them in order to coordinate them.

The Dilatation Profile is a profile that works with the building. There are different types such as aluminum and PVC. It can be made as an option in different productions according to the section to be used. The biggest reason for the purpose of installing these profiles is to cover the gap with a material that will not break and crack immediately and to ensure the continuity of waterproofing.

The production of dilatation profile varies according to the selected profile. If it is an aluminum profile, the sections that the profile will press on the facade are screwed with reasonable screws after mastication. If there are gaps left with the profile as a result of manufacturing, it is filled with reasonable material.